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The common objective of most couple's is to look good for their First Dance as man and wife regardless of whether they just want to survive their Bridal Waltz with the minimum of dancing or whether they want to make it the highlight of the reception and dazzle their guests with a spectacular wedding dance.

Having decided to dance, or perhaps take some dancing lessons, that objective can often become lost amongst the issues of learning to dance and the focus shifts to learning steps and choreography. This is of course an unavoidable process, however it should be done without losing sight of the main objective.

Learning to dance, or learning just one dance for your wedding, can become complicated if you let it or do not have a good teacher who is very experienced in teaching beginners and in making simple dance moves look good.

I've been dancing all my life, professionally since the age of sixteen and teaching since fourteen years of age and I have always emphasised to my students that it is far far better to be able to dance a small selection of steps and look good doing them than it is to dance fancy steps and flash moves and still look awkward.

I think this philosophy is of vital importance to those wanting to learn a dance for their wedding day. Looking good for your First Dance, looking natural, comfortable and looking like a couple is far more important than fancy steps or trying to emulate a dance you've seen elsewhere.

You may find you enjoy the lessons much more than you expect to, you may find you become passionate about dancing, you may find it difficult, but none of that matters, nor should it be any concern for you, whilst in the process of your wedding planning and preparations.

When I start wedding dance lessons for a new couple, regardless of their goal for their dance � I start with the basic easy steps of the dance and then build up from there. Even if the aim is to achieve a spectacular dance, the first step is to learn the basic steps and to be able to dance them together with your partner and look going doing it. From there one can go forward and create an amazing dance if that's what you want but it's important to get that safety net in place first.

I'm not saying that you should not 'aim for the stars' if that's what you want, I love teaching couples a beautiful dance and creating choreography with pizzazz, but start your lesson with a solid foundation of easy steps that can be nicely performed and build upon that to achieve the dance that you want.

Monitor your progress by how you are feeling as you dance together and if it's not improving lesson by lesson you should ask your teacher for more coaching on technique and you should also increase your practice i between lessons.

If you have to really concentrate to remember the steps then you will probably not be looking comfortable as you dance. If you do not feel comfortable dancing you can be sure you don't look comfortable either. If you are not moving comfortably and easily in each other's arms then you won't be looking like a couple and the dance won't look natural.

Keep it realistic and whatever dance you perform make sure that looking good, looking like you know what you are doing and looking like a couple are your primary concerns.

Julie Tremp, Principal of Wedding Dance Lessons Sydney

About The Author:

Julie is the principal of Wedding Dance Lessons Sydney and teaches hundreds of couples their Wedding Dance each year. She has danced since the age of 3, studying formal ballet & theatrical dance in her youth and all styles of Ballroom and Latin dancing in latter years. She has performed, choreographed and taught professionally most of her adult life. She has taught for dance studios in Australia and Europe, schools & colleges in Australia and is a lecturer, teacher and adjudicator for the Dance Council of Australia.


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