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34 Tibouchina Street Mountain Creek QLD 4557

0411 300 105

Our goal is to make you feel that your relationship is a dream come true by photographing the Love and Laughter that glues you both together. Sure, the details are nice… Those amazing shots of a bride sitting next to a 5 star hotel window are nice… but we’re in the game to focus on the human element, photographing the moments you share with your closest family and friends, and chemistry between you and your partner… the stuff that, when looking back on the images, makes you feel all warm and gooey on the inside.

So why choose us? Well… We, Glen and Fiona, decided to shake up the Wedding Photography industry a little bit. Go against the grain and the routine norm, and develop our own game plan. Pump some fresh blood into the industry. Tailor it all around what works best for the Bride, and not what Wedding Photographers have always just done out of habit. Most importantly, we wanted to make the whole experience fun.

So here’s the highlights:

Two photographers! Yup, you get two, so we’re always capturing those real moments as they happen.
Full day shooting. 9 plus hours. Because it’s in those extra moments when the gorgeous-ness really happens.
Full Res images on USB in Every package. We don’t charge extra for something that should have always been a standard. Silly isn’t it?

We cannot wait to capture your story!

Check us out now: www.glenandfiona.com

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